effective botanicals

A channel devoted to exploring the benefits of super plants, whole flower herbal blends and feel good organic remedies to enrich your everyday.

Effective Botanicals A Feel Good Lifestyle

Introduce yourself to super plant powers 

Watch our Effective Botanicals channel to lift your mood, improve energy levels and enhance the body’s ability to cope with modern day stressors. Feel the profound benefits of Adaptogenic super plants.

Soothe your senses

Brew a cup of relaxing botanical tea. Learn to effectively use remedy drops to soothe your senses and enhance your day. Discover effective botanical aroma sprays, steam inhalations, bathing blends and therapeutic candles.

  • Botanically Enriched

    We encourage everyone to take time out of the hustle and bustle of modern-day life to nourish and enrich their mind and body through the use of effective botanicals.